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A1) Pulso - Código Incógnito
A2) Pulso - Dudas Crudas
A3) Pulso - Respiro Y Sigo
B1) Pulso - Código Incógnito (DJ Surgeles Remix)
B2) Pulso - Dudas Crudas (Rustal Remix)
B3) Pulso - Respiro Y Sigo (Oliver Kucera Remix)

"Procesos en círculo" EP, 010.

[...En el fondo del mar: yacen todos los secretos.
El resplandor celeste va mostrando los momentos en que toda esta maraña se dió paso a improvisar. Cuando se genera un miedo y hay manoplas de por medio es posible que interese solamente un amarrar. Yo pensaba que ese ancla estaba bien forrada en plata y este oxido en lo próximo viene a desintegrar. Son mis peces que no entienden que las presas te detienen y los submarinos verdes no contienen este andar. Siempre que este cielo llueve me descargo alguna vuelta de esas que abren la puerta para cerrar a mitad. catapulto tantas rentas minorias que me tientan cada vez que los suburbios representan mi lugar...]

Fragmento adaptado de "Un paso en el vacío", Fractales, 2015.

-Artwork by: SRIE CREW
-Letteres by: Fractales Edición D.I.Y
-Tracks 1,2 & 3 Written and Produced By Pulso. Track 4,5 & 6 Mixed and Produced By DJ Surgeles, Rustal & Oliver Kucera with stems from the 1st, 2nd &3rd track each.
-All tracks Mixed and Mastered by SRIE CREW.

[...At the back of the sea: all the secrets are.
The light-blue radiance is showing the moments in that all this tangle started improvising. When a fear is generated and there are gauntlets in way, is possible that the interest is only to tie. I thought that this anchor was well-lined in silver and this oxide in the meanwhile is coming to disintegrate. These are my fishes which does not understand that the preys stop you and the green submarines do not bear this pace. Always when this sky rains, i get short while having a walk, one of this that open the door for the half-closing. I catapult many revenues, minories which are too tempting, evertime when the suburs represent my place...]

Adapted fragment of "Un paso en el vacío", Fractales, 2015.

Kr!z/Token Records: Thanks! A1 & a3 for me.
Eric Fetcher: nice Ep, and amazing remix of Dj Surgeles, Thanks
Nihad Tule: Ok, no words, I love this! All, really ALL tracks work in my sets, thank you and please send the other releases as well!Best.
Philippe Petit: Thank you – the original tracks (A side) are really nice!
Tomas Kunkel: Excelente trabajo! Todos los tracks son excelentes, me quedo con Dudas Crudas. Saludos!
Astronomical Telegram: Another great release. thanks !
Mental Resonance: Buen Disco , Surgeles remix para mi !
Truncate: Solid tunes thanks for sharing!
Subsist/Phone: gracias por la promo, total support.
Gonzalo MD: Flor de EP dudas crudas for me!!! Gracias!
UMA: Me gustaron todos los tracks, muy buenos!
Rewx: buenisimo.
Ø1991: muy bueno el EP!! full support :)



released January 13, 2017



all rights reserved


SR-IE Buenos Aires, Argentina


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